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MOC grew out of a master’s thesis project during the confinement of 2020. Due to the scarcity of resources during that time, the final project was made possible thanks to some cotton tablecloths, a slight knowledge of natural dyes from several members of my family and an antique sewing machine.


This brand is inspired by the simple and elegant woman, who enjoys the little things and the wonders that nature offers us every day. We aim to raise awareness about responsible consumption and care for the environment. That’s why we work with 100% natural fabrics and dyes and a limited production made in Spain.

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We are inspired by the beauty of the small things and the designs express it, simple but charming, delicate and elegant, timeless and versatile at the same time. With sustainability as the basis of this project, from MOC we want to support local commerce, sustainable consumption, and quality garments.

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At MOC we design unique garments, made in the most sustainable way we can. The fabrics we use are always 100% natural fabrics, the colors are obtained thanks to extracts from the Earth that allow us to dye in a 100% natural way and made by Spanish seamstresses with great experience.


We do not follow trends or calendars, our aim is to create sustainable fashion by offering versatile garments and avoiding overproduction, toxic dyes and synthetic fabrics. We make very limited pieces as the production process is meticulous and manual. We want our garments to change people’s consumption and be a reflection of conscious and natural fashion. We must start buying less and better, value the quality of the fabrics and know where everything we buy comes from. We would like to thank all the people who value this project and who share with us the same philosophy of life.

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